Guitar Transcription “Bubbly Joyride to Utopia” (Tabs/Sheet)

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The complete guitar transcription of Dee Dammers debut album ´Bubbly Joyride to Utopia´, available as 128 page printed book & digital download.

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The guitar transcription of the album BUBBLY JOYRIDE TO UTOPIA.

In this book you can find the following songs:

  1. Prologue: The Great Unknown
  2. Bubbly Joyride to Utopia
  3. Last Day in Paradise
  4. Deal with the Devil
  5. Carnival of Souls
  6. The Hotel Diabolo
  7. Cursed
  8. Just Wanna Play
  9. Otherworldly
  10. Excuse Me, it´s Urgent
  11. Epilogue: Exit

You can choose between a printed copy of this guitar book and a digital. However, after your purchase you can download the digitial pdf and GuitarPro files immediately – both for digital or printed option.

Get the guitar transcribtion inkl. tabs now!

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