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This bundle includes the physical ´Bubbly Joyride to Utopia´ CD, as well as the limited guitar-pick-tin.

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Bubbly Joyride To Utopia tells mysterious stories, without using any words. The guitar takes over the role of the storyteller and accompanies the listeners journey into the realm of imagination; where the impossible becomes possible, the dream becomes reality and the imagination has a voice.

The ´Bubbly Joyride To Utopia´ album contains the following tracks:

  1. Prologue: The Great Unknown
  2. Bubbly Joyride to Utopia
  3. Last Day in Paradise
  4. Deal with the Devil
  5. Carnival of Souls
  6. Floor 13
  7. The Hotel Diabolo
  8. Worst Nightmare
  9. Cursed
  10. Just Wanna Play
  11. Otherworldly
  12. Excuse Me, it´s Urgent
  13. Epilogue: Exit

Digipak Bonus Track: Bubbly Joyride to Utopia (Live Session)

Choose between the digital version (digital download with 13 songs) or  digipak CD version (physical album with 14 songs + digital download).

After your purchase (digital or digipak) you can download a digital version of this album immediately – the digital version is included in the digipak CD version!

The digital download includes a high quality WAVE version, as well as MP3 versions of the album.


The limited guitar-pick-tin is printed on the top and bottom. It includes 6 of Dee´s picks. The picks might vary, depending on the stock.


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