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Jamtracks / Backingtracks ´Bubbly Joyride to Utopia´


Official jam tracks for ´Bubbly Joyride to Utopia´ comes in two versions: The first version is the backing track only (no lead guitars at all) and the second version includes only harmony guitars (no main solo).


Just like the album but without Dee´s lead guitar so you can take over. Thos jam tracks are the same that Dee uses for workshops & clinics.

For some songs there will be two versions available. One version features the harmony guitars (no main solos!) and the second version doesn´t have any harmonies at all.

The following songs are included:

  1. Prologue: The Great Unknown
  2. Bubbly Joyride to Utopia [*]
  3. Last Day in Paradise [*]
  4. Deal with the Devil [*]
  5. Carnival of Souls [*]
  6. The Hotel Diabolo [*]
  7. Cursed [*]
  8. Just Wanna Play [*]
  9. Otherworldly [*]
  10. Excuse Me, it´s Urgent
  11. Epilogue: Exit

After your purchase you can download the track immediately. The tracks come in high quality WAVE format.


[*] = Two versions available, one version features only the backing track and the second version adds harmony guitars on top.


2 reviews for Jamtracks / Backingtracks ´Bubbly Joyride to Utopia´

  1. Tim

    Die perfekte Ergänzung zu dem Buch, klasse

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  2. Barbara

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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